Charge Entry

NALD RCM understands that charge entry is the key areas in RCM services. The accuracy of the medical billing charge entry process is a critical part of the medical billing process as it decides the amount of reimbursement that the healthcare provider will receive from the insurance payer. NALD RCM provides utmost attention to this step to ensure that the charges from the coded documents are entered correctly and only a clean claim is submitted to the payer. NALD RCM doesn’t stop at entering Patient registration, Charge, Demographics but we audit and validate them before submission. Our team has good experience in charge entry process on various medical billing systems and for several medical specialties following the respective client specific account rules. In case of any ANSI5010 loop level rejections we address them within 24hrs of claim submission.

Our Charge Entry Process Includes:

Printing of all Received Superbills and Initial Information Audit.

Charge Entry from Coded Documents into Existing Patient Account (including billing information, denial related details etc.) based on account specific rules.

Creation of New Patient Account

Demographic Detail Entry

Quality Check and Audit

Transmission of Scrubbed and Clean Medical Claim to Insurance Payer.