Medical Coding

NALD RCM coding services offer Medical coding, Auditing and MACRA implementation for providers, hospitals and medical billing companies. Our expert team of Coders eases up work for physicians practicing in complex, high-volume hospital settings.  Our team and diligence workflow technology will enable you to cope with coding demands, smoothens the medical billing process and improves cash flow management for inpatient and outpatient healthcare providers. 

We strictly believe, “Code as per documentation”. The SOAP notes coded by E&M coding experts follow 1995, 1997 guidelines as per the documents. Surgery reports coded by report dissection method and follow the LCD, NCCI guidelines. Ancillary documents coded as per the guidelines.

We are focussing on patient safety and compliance.

Smart Coding & Billing process:

A complete (100%) prospective audit will be done before the claim is submitted to the payers to eliminate rejection and denial.

We are following insurance based guidelines for prospective audit and the feedback given to the providers on the same day.

For E&M services, we check the utilization review to eradicate the over coding or under coding issue. Educate the providers, how to do documentation for E&M reports. How to minimise the documents with more information.

For surgery services, the coded documents cross checked with authorisation documents and surgery reports. The feedback reported to provider to submit the exact codes.

Retrospective audits – Annual retrospective audit planned to avoid the future denials and low payment percentage.

The fee schedule of the year cross checked with the audit analysis reports and used for contract negotiation of succeeding year.

MACRA Implementation:

We provide complete MACRA/MIPS support to implement MACRA process.