Payment & Denial Posting

NALD RCM believes accuracy in payment posting and addressing the denials in 24-48hrs time is imperative for an optimized revenue cycle. We post both electronic and manual EOBs from insurance and take necessary actions on the denials to make sure we resubmit the

denied claim on time and get them reimbursed from insurance.

Benefits of Payment Posting with NALD RCM:

Our vast experience in the RCM industry combined with our payment posting expertise is what makes us stand out when compared to our competitors. We not only end up posting the payments but we post the denial claims and take necessary action on them ensuring the denials are worked instantly and payments are received on time.

We analyze the revenue cycle after posting the payments to find the opportunities of improvement to maximize profitability and improving accounts receivable days.

We ensure accurate payment posting, adjustments and do a one-time fix for denials to avoid future denials.

We ensure that the primary payment is posted correctly so that the secondary and tertiary payments are billed out correctly. 

Benefits of Denials being worked after Payment Posting:

At NALD RCM, Depending on the rate and nature of denials we implement our denial management expertise to sort the problem and bring down the rate of denials.

For claims that are denied and need to be appealed, appeal letters are prepared and sent along with supporting documents including Medical Records for processing.

We always review the denial trend and implement our smart billing process to reveal billing, registration and medical coding process weaknesses that are then corrected to reduce future denials.