Team Expertise:
NALD RCM – started by a team who excelled in their education, Our team is basically from strong science & technology background to support both the pros & cons of RCM.

Strategic approach for EDI, ERA, EFT and Eligibility setup work, Clearing House Interaction, Claims level Rejections, Identifying and submitting clean claims, Clearing ANSI loop level rejections, denials and fixing the root cause, creating payers websites needed for the practice.

Our coding team holds CPC, CCS, CPC-P, CPB, CPMA, CMHP, PGDMLA certifications in medical coding profession with a strong 15+ years of extensive experience in all specialty coding, Has a very in-depth knowledge in Rejection & Denial management.

Proficient in streamlining coding process for any size account, Specialist in Medical coding, MACRA implementation, Compliance audit and CDI analysis. 

Extensive knowledge in resolving billing discrepancies, analyzing account receivables and denials.

Complete knowledge on submitting Part A and Part B claims – ANSI 5010(Electronic) and CMS–1500(Paper) Claims Designing Process, Submitting Paper [CMS-1500 Form], Electronic [ANSI 5010 837P & 837I], Payers website-online and fax claims.

Good knowledge in Transition, New account setup, Credentialing, designing solutions and process workflow including preparation of SOP’s and reports.

Extensive clientele relationship and account management experience.